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Green Energy Web Hosting

Did you know that by 2022 the Web Hosting industry will surpass the Airline industry in Environmental Pollution? The Airline industry currently contributes to 3.5% of total CO2 emissions, and with a rapid expanding Web Hosting demand it is estimated to exceed 3,5% within the next upcoming years. When developing a website it is important to know what impact it will have on the environment. Your website’s carbon footprint can be lowered, negated or even reversed depending on which platform you choose. The Web Hosting Company Green Geeks works with wind energy and puts back 3X the energy they consume, which makes your website leave a positive carbon footprint instead. Here is a list of other Green Web Hosts that provide proof of their green work online, and a review of the six best green web host providers.

Optimize Website Speed

The smaller size your website is, the faster it will load and the less energy it will require. It is a win-win situation, since Google usually ranks a faster website higher. Working with optimizing and compressing photos, using a good host provider, reducing the number of unnecessary plugins, minimizing CSS and caching the website are all good examples of optimizing the website speed. Don’t hesitate to contact us for tips on how to make your website fast as the speed of light.

Optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A crucial part of web sustainability is to design a website to be easily indexed by search engines. Making a website more search friendly cuts down the power needed by search engines to index a website. Great ways to optimize your website’s SEO includes using relevant keywords and meta descriptions, optimize your website speed, using inbound and outbound linking and frequently updating a blog. It is also important to remove any broken links and unnecessary pages; which can lead to a lowered User Experience as well. Get more tips on how to use keywords for SEO and Web Sustainability here.

User Experience Strategies

User Experience Strategies helps the site visitors to complete a task faster, and a website with a good user experience have a smaller per user internet footprint. Ways to improve your website’s user experience is to make it easy to navigate by using well designed and written headlines, incorporating attractive call to action segments and being consistent with the brand. It is also important to monitor broken links and making sure your website works well on different devices; such as mobile phones, computers and tablets. Your visitors shouldn’t have to think twice in order to find what they need. Read more on Web Sustainability and how to design for different devices here.

Design with a Purpose

We have a true passion for design and believe in supporting a greener planet by using Green Web Hosting and incorporating the guidelines above. We truly like to work with companies who share our passion for sustainability, and we strongly support businesses in the field of health, the environment, personal growth, coaching, nutrition and fitness. We believe that even the smallest change can lead to something big, and we want to leave a positive impact on the world. Please contact us if you share our passion for sustainability and want to incorporate green design into your business. Let’s create something good together – the future is green.